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Brev från Karin Olofsdotter

Brev från Karin Olofsdotter, Sveriges Ambassadör till USA

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Gratulationsbrev från Karin Olofsdotter


Karin Olofsdotter
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Brevets innehåll:

Washington, May 11, 2019

Dear Friends,

Tradition tells us it is considered rude to discuss a lady’s age, but there is always an exception to the rule. In this case it is to thoroughly celebrate the organization we have come to know as SWEA.

In 1979 the very first chapter of Swedish Women’s Educational Association was formed in California to promote Swedish culture and traditions. From a small, but brilliant idea has sprung a large world spanning organization. Over the four decades that have followed SWEA is now present on five continents and is also the largest volunteer organization for the promotion of Sweden abroad.

Over the years SWEA has promoted Swedish culture through a vast variety of activities — seminars, exhibitions, concerts and fairs, SWEA has made a difference and an impact through donations and stipends to artists and researchers. Over the last thirty years you have also issued the reward for the Swedish Woman of the Year. In my view it is a sign of the times and relevance of SWEA that this year it is Greta Thunberg that has received the award.

We all owe Agneta Nilsson and her friends in Los Angeles a great debt. Thanks to heir idea to keep in touch and from there build a network of remarkable women we are here today. SWEA has a lot still to do — but what a remarkable lady it is — 40 and fabulous!

Warm regards,

Karin Olofsdotter